Is the modern audience “too sensitive”?

Censorship is interesting because we do not always realize that the media we come across has already been altered to the author’s liking and we may not really be aware of what is and what is not censored online.  I find modern media censorship most interesting.  As a public, many people have began to form opinions that the society nowadays is “too sensitive;” things that would not have been censored before, are now being erased from viewers because of prior complaints.  The media really has to be a lot more careful with what they filter in and out, due to the backlash they may potentially receive on either side of the spectrum.

It is as of most recently, that a lot of shows that originally date back to several years ago, that are modernly receiving hate for sick jokes, racist comments, sexist phrases, and more.  I think this is good in a sense, but there is also concern for how far the complaints of non-censorship of these mediums will go.  For example, one of my all-time favorite shows, The Office, has recently been asked if they would return for another few seasons.  Directors and writers of the show deny the rumors that the show is coming back considering the fact that the content of the show is much too sensitive for the modern audience.  I think with such an iconic show, one that paved the fame for the various actors and actresses on the television screen, it is disheartening to know that the modern audience could not experience a show as great as this one.  Not to get controversial, but I really do agree that much of society can no longer take a joke, and can get very sensitive over topics that do not need to be as big of an issue.

In conclusion, I think the censorship of modern influencers, whether it be bloggers, YouTube sensations, and ‘social media-famous’ individuals is also very interesting and I am looking forward to hopefully learning more about that.  Since the mobile community becomes larger, it can easily lead to exploitation and duplication of content that can conjure up extreme backlash, even going as far as legal disputes regarding the issues.  I think this is just the beginning of what censorship entails and it will be exciting to learn more.

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