Think Before You Post

Censorship has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion in recent years. You really have to be careful of what you say or post online because anything that is found offensive to someone can be censored. I am most interested in learning more about censorship on social media. I have seen several instances of content being taking down because of its offensive nature and for not following community guidelines. For example, last year Logan Paul, a well-known YouTube star, posted a video while in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, which is a known place to commit suicide. In his video, it shows an individual that had hanged themself from a tree. The video was immediately taken down and Paul posted an apology video. YouTube punished Paul by dropping him from a number of YouTube Red projects, along with removing him from the Google Preferred program which helps boost ad rates.

Government censorship concerns me the most because they have the most power over anyone to censor content. The First Amendment was put into place so Americans could have the freedom to voice their thoughts and opinions. The government should not have the right to use so much force against an individual because of what they believe in. It’s frightening to hear that some countries can imprison or kill others based off of their views on certain leaders. In the first weeks lecture, it was mentioned that freedom of speech does not mean our speech is free of consequences. In the terms of it being censored by the government, it means that consequences can be more severe.

Throughout this semester, I would like to learn more about censoring social media content. It really puts into perspective the phrase “think before you post” because your words can effect your employment, schooling, and reputation. Certain social networks have different guidelines, I’d be interested in learning how Twitter’s guidelines differ from Instagram’s. They’re both social media platforms but Twitter is more word based and Instagram is picture based. I’m currently looking for a career in the social media industry so I feel having a knowledge on this topic could be useful for me.





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