With All Due Respect…

After rwithallduerespecteading through some of the first articles posted and listening to the opening lectures on the many different types of censorship I think that learning about different government’s beliefs on what should be censored interest me the most.  Sometimes I think that the United State’s government is too sensitive on when something should be censored.  An example of censorship in America that irritates me like no other is when a movie that I have already seen, such as Talladega Nights gets replayed on Comedy Central.  However, due to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) the curse words used in the movie get bleeped out.  This bothers me and my family, because some of the funniest scenes in the these movies become less natural.  If I own the movie, or if I go to the internet to watch it the curse words are not bleeped out. My question is why does the FCC have to be so strict on censorship?  Shouldn’t all of the mediums for receiving the same content (in this case Talladega Nights) be held to the same standards on censorship?  I am looking forward to learning about why the government censors different forms of mediums in unique ways.

While I do not agree with all of the United States government’s beliefs on censorship, I am beyond grateful that I live in a country where I am free to share my opinions and personal views without fear of consequences by the government.  Even though I am not going through this, one of the most concerning issues to me is other countries citizens being truly censored.  In South Korea, the dictator and his government are so strict on suppressing their own people that the civilians there have no real voice because speaking out on controversial issues could result in death or other severe punishment.  This is very problematic because if the citizens have no voice, it is almost impossible to get the government to change.

Another form of censorship that I find very problematic is when people in our own government (*cough cough* President Trump) discredit the legitimacy of our news sources solely because they do not like how they are being portrayed.  It is extremely important that we receive credible news from established sources.  The American people should be able to trust the news that they are receiving since a lot of it is very important and influential on every day life.

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