Censorship in the World Around Us

Censorship is all over media around us. We may not notice that it is happening or that it is necessary. Media companies are taking more caution with what they allow to be posted on their site. Two parts of censorship that I find very problematic is Withholding information and destruction of information. I think these two are very problematic when the government does it. I don’t think it’s right when the government withholds information from the public. If something is happening in the world we live in I believe we have every right to know what is going on. We could be in danger and we couldn’t even know it because the government is hiding it from us. I also think that destroying certain things from history or even evidence of something that happens isn’t right either. It makes you think about why they are truly destroying or distorting these pieces of information. I question are they distorting it because they are trying to hide something or just for the greater of the good? Even so it shouldn’t be deleted or tampered.

I spend a lot of time on social media and the internet as a college student. One thing that surprises me is the amount of censorship that is on each social media site. Some sites allow things that others may not want. For example, twitter allows pictures of people in the nude and some other things along that line that Facebook or Instagram wouldn’t let on their sites. Another thing that I have noticed is some posts with violent or sensitive content are presented as censored with a warning saying something along the lines of “this video or post may contain sensitive or violent content, would you like to view it?” After reviewing the warning you can than agree to continue viewing the post. This is interesting to me because I want to know who decides what is sensitive and what is not? And is all the criteria the same across the boards or is it different for each site?

Another thing I like to follow is YouTube and in the past year or so a famous YouTuber had a video taken down for offensive context. Logan Paul has a lot of obscene YouTube videos and one time he took it too far. He recently visited Japan and recorded a video in the suicide forest and he got up close to some bodies of people who have taken their lives. He got a lot of bad press and comments about this video and since then his career hasn’t been the same. Here is a video of another YouTuber talking about where he went wrong.

This is a very good example of things that should be censored from the media. This is something people should not need to see. I am very glad that someone flagged this and it was able to be taken off of YouTube and he got repercussions from it.

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