Thoughts about censorship.

I have never really sat down and thought about censorship and the different ways it could possibly affect me alone let alone the masses of people around the who use the internet. After doing some research about censorship and the different types that there are, there seems to be about four different types. Starting with withholding information, destroying information, altering or using selective information and self-censorship.  The one I found most interesting was altering information.

The reason I choose altering information was because I feel like it is the most common issue that many of use come across on the daily without even realizing it. For example all the fake news that is being posted online from non-legitimate sources. Now in days you can log on to just about any social media site and find some form of fake news about an outlandish things a celebrity has supposedly done. When in reality if you were to look more into the story and find an actual credible source that it is nowhere near as dramatic as it seemed when you first read about. But that information was altered because the person who came up with the fake news knew that the fake story would bring you in more than the real story. An example of this would be the famous pizzagate story about Hillary Clinton and prominent Democrats ran a child sex and sacrifice ring out of the pizzeria’s basement.

This story has picked up so much buzz and has gotten so out of hand that “Reddit banned the pizzagate groups in 2016 and YouTube recently announced a commitment to stop recommending conspiracy videos.” (Zadrozny). Zadrozny then goes on to say that “The members post misinformation and wild allegations linking just about anyone to a world-wide pedopehila ring. Their targets have included everyone and everything from local businesses to Tom Hanks to a random Facebook user wearing a t-shirt with the image of a slice of pizza on it.”  As you can see from this story alone you have a whole group of people who are targeting anyone possible from celebs to ordinary people, and making up these fake stories ruining someone’s image. This is why if you choose to gather your news from the internet you need to be aware of the source and make sure they are trustworthy, because it is so easy to make up fake stories and get them posted online. The best way to avoid being lied to is check multiple sources.


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