Devin Nunes’ Cow Is Ruining Twitter

One of the main issues faced in the mediated world we live in today is censorship and what that means for free speech.  Social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook have created a place where users can posts their thoughts without much fear of being censored.  Twitter only will censor a user’s content if the tweet is breaking what they call as “Twitter Rules”.  These rules only limit graphic violence, adult content, abusive and behaviors such as harassment and spam.  While these issues do need to be censored, many users feel that not enough is being done to censor offensive and inflammatory speech.  In my podcast, I will be discussing what I believe needs to be done to create a safer online world.

My belief is that these social media companies need to upgrade their algorithms to seek out content that needs to be censored before it becomes too late.  It should not be up to the users to flag unfiltered content.  Just last week a mass shooter aired his slaughtering of a mosque live on Facebook for over fifteen minutes.  Two hundred plus people witnessed the attack live while using the website, yet none of them flagged the video.  With an upgraded algorithm that seeks out offensive and hateful content, users will feel safer and more secure.


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