Is Banning the Way to Go?

For my Censorship Analysis Podcast #2, I decided to talk about why I think individual social media sites banning/blocking content, and users is an ineffective way to censor social media in the grand scheme of things.

So with that being said, I started off my podcast by giving a definition of Internet censorship and by talking about what banning/ blocking content on individual social media platforms really entails. I then talked about the specific reasons I felt banning as a way to censor social media is ineffective and then, finished off by mentioning two potential solutions to possibly make the situation somewhat better.

Here is my Podcast:

Censorship Analysis Podcast #2


Also, here are the links to all my references:

Free Expression On Social Media

Private Censorship Is Not the Best Way to Fight Hate or Defend Democracy: Here Are Some Better Ideas

Platform Censorship Won’t Fix the Internet

Blocked and banned by social media: When is it censorship?

What is Internet Censorship?

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