When is it too serious?

Censorship by Social Media Platforms

Throughout this semester there have been so many critical topics brought up having to do with censorship. In my opinion this is a very hard subject because everyone has different opinions on what is and isn’t offensive. I have tried to be very open when it comes to my views and accepting of all others as long as they do not harm anyone. There are certain topics, however, that should be censored to an extent for the safety and wellbeing of our people. Censorship in most cases is unnecessary, but in some situations can be essential for the safety and wellbeing of others.

One very serious topic that I believe should be censored is anything having to do with racist remarks. We have come very far in America, but I feel like we are now receding because many people think it is okay to be openly racist. The color of someone’s skin has always been an issue, but I see no reason because when it comes down to it we are all the same. No matter the pigmentation of your skin we all have the same opportunities and have lived the same life. The main differentiating factor is wealth. If you were born into money it is much easier for you to be successful.

Racism Definititon

Racism can become very serious and this often leads to hate crimes sometimes as severe as murder. This is a very serious issue and it should be okay to censor this content. “Americans have grown comfortable with racism resting just beneath the surface of our politics,” Time Magazine states. This statement is so powerful because it holds nothing, but the harsh reality of the way we think. Having such a harsh and blatant president has not helped this cause because they now see it as acceptable to speak down to whoever you please. If we were to censor our own president then the res of the population would not see this discrimination as being so openly acceptable.

American Racism

Racist President?

Many people get angry and think we are taking away their 1st amendment rights, but this is only because we will not allow them to be blatant and openly racist. This is causing harm to many and the people crying over it are the dangerous ones. There was a study conducted in 2015 to find out which countries still want to publicly make racist statements. The United States of course came in top with 67% of our citizens wanting to openly be able to speak out against other races. I think this is a disgusting mind frame to have because while we do have the right to free speech, we are all humans just the same.

Hate Speech on Social Media

One of the front runners for censorship of this behavior is actually from the social media platform, Reddit. Throughout this semester I have been so impressed to find out that they have been taking so many steps to keep their platform safe for everybody. They do not tolerate hurtful or dangerous behavior and have proved that they are not afraid to ban entire accounts and subreddits. I think this is such an important step for our community to actually become more understanding through such consequences.

Hate Speech Solutions


Another topic that I believe should be censored is homophobia. Yes, we are becoming more open about the sexuality of our people and allowing them to get married. However, this has cause a lot more people to speak up about how they cannot stand the behavior of others just because they disagree with it. I have friends that have received countless death threats and are scared for their own life on a daily basis. These people are making average people feel like it is unsafe to leave their own homes based off of something that happens behind closed doors.

gay is not a sin
Your Sexuality is Not a Sin

Many people are very open with their sexuality, but others are still afraid to come out. There are so many reasons for this, and many of them have nothing to do with getting their feelings hurt. We all know that extreme homophobia can lead to very dangerous situations, but somehow a person’s sexuality can also ruin their entire life. Many insurance companies will reject you or restrict your policy just for the gender that you prefer to sleep with. This can also be an issue for getting jobs or receiving equal pay in your profession as well.  It is just sad that our society has deemed this acceptable behavior and it is borderline discrimination.

Homophobic Discrimination

Recently there has been much more acceptance by the media through shows and movies. This just leaves room for outside prejudice because we are bringing this situation to the forefront of the conversation. RuPaul’s Drag Race is a great example of this because his show is on a dramatic incline. This show hosts many contestants that are drag queens and they must compete to win the ultimate position. This is a groundbreaking idea for a show, especially because one of the most famous queens in history is the host. The overall message is acceptance and self love, but this leaves room for much more hate than anticipated.

Homophobia and Social Media

No child is homophobic
People are Taught Discrimination

I also believe that religion should be censored to a point. Many may disagree, but my background growing up was strictly Catholic and I have seen the worst things come from the religious community. My own godmother disowned her own child for having an abortion, and has not spoken to me in years because I refused to stick to their set path. In my opinion you should be free to believe whatever you please, and you should not hate another just for having a different opinion.

I have noticed that every religion has been being pushed more frequently and this could be due to us becoming more open about controversial social topics. In my opinion religion tends to want to have total control over many situations. We should all be free to celebrate whatever we believe in, but not at the cost of others. Many great morals derive from religion, but some people have forgotten about those and only focus on the parts that they want to practice. The beliefs that are now being instilled are ones that make people who believe something different less than the rest of them. I thought religion was supposed to be accepting and teach you to love everyone from what I was taught.

Does Religion Breed Hatred?

Elton john.jpg
Elton John Quote

Hating someone because they do not believe the same thing is nothing new. There were countless wars and crusades fought on the basis of religion and which one is superior. Recently many churches and places of worship have been set on fire or vandalized on other ways. Many of these cases have to do with wars on other religions because even to this day we cannot just let people practice what they please. I do not see the big deal with despising someone over something so trivial because at the end of the day it is not harming anyone. These cases can get very serious and often lead to tragedies surrounding the community.

Attack on Religion

I think a few platforms are on the right track by doing away with content that is too harsh or detrimental. Reddit is going strong, but other more popular platforms are not taking censorship very seriously. These social media companies do not have to allow their users the freedom of posting anything that goes against the community standards. They can give out any consequence they seem fit if this behavior continues. They just have to get past the initial backlash and then maybe people will start realizing it is not okay to openly hate people for a small aspect of their life. These platforms can change our world because technology is becoming our entire life.

Social Media Censorship


Censorship is a very touchy subject that everyone has a different opinion on. However, I believe that many can agree that we should censor more racist and homophobic content for the safety of our fellow humans. I think censoring religion in certain circumstances would be beneficial for these communities as well. Everyone should have the freedom to believe what they want as long as it will not harm anyone else. There are many of us that think the same way, and together we could make our society open and accepting to every person.



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