When is it too serious?

Throughout this semester there have been so many critical topics brought up having to do with censorship. In my opinion this is a very hard subject because everyone has different opinions on what is and isn’t offensive. I have tried to be very open when it comes to my views and accepting of all others… Continue reading When is it too serious?

Fat Is Not A Violation

I became really passionate about a topic that I saw someone else post about on the discussion board. It was the censorship of fat people and their bodies. Our society is roughly 70% overweight, but we still only accept “perfect bodies” on social media. If someone that is overweight posts an image in a bikini… Continue reading Fat Is Not A Violation

Facebook Controversy

Social media has become a part of daily life throughout the entire world due to advances in technology. Some of these platforms have begun to censor the posts of their users through different means such as banning their posts or even deleting/suspending their account. Each platform has their own rules and guidelines of what can… Continue reading Facebook Controversy

“Smoking a Fag”

I have decided to delve deep into the topic of the controversial word, faggot. Throughout history the meaning of this word has changed drastically and is now a very derogatory term for a homosexual. There have been many cases of celebrities saying it and reacting drastically to the term. Some have suffered consequences, but many… Continue reading “Smoking a Fag”