There a lot of different things we both see and hear in the media. They are mentioned by famous A-list celebrities that are household names, by large companies, or even said by people we may not necessarily know or had heard of. Censorship is a dangerous topic, simply because everyone has different opinions and perspectives… Continue reading Analysis

Will Smith “Not black enough”

Actor Will Smith who famously starred in the Men in Black film series, but also Fresh Prince of Bel- Air TV series now suddenly is not black enough. Critics are complaining that he’s not black enough to play his latest prospective role. The actor Will Smith, African American male has been recently announced to possibly play Richard Williams,… Continue reading Will Smith “Not black enough”

Crafting social media policy is crucial

By now, almost every organization has adopted social media accounts into their plan for marketing and communications. Organizations have social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. These social media sites allows companies to engage with their clients directly, through instant messaging, comments, or likes and also allows them to advance their… Continue reading Crafting social media policy is crucial

Ban War, NOT transgender warrior

The United States Supreme Court voted five (yes) to four (no) to grant President Trump his policy of banning certain transgender people from the military. This policy prohibits “transgender persons who require or have undergone gender transition” from serving. The ban has limited individuals with a history of gender dysphoria, or when a person’s biological… Continue reading Ban War, NOT transgender warrior