What Should be Censored: South Park vs. Thirteen Reasons Why

Learning about all the different kinds of topics that should or should not be censored this semester has been very interesting and overwhelming. I have learned a lot and my opinions and ideas have evolved since the beginning of the semester till the end. While I spent some time realizing what I was most passionate… Continue reading What Should be Censored: South Park vs. Thirteen Reasons Why

Social Media Censoring

In my discussion Cycle 3 post I discussed how celebrities such as Kim Kardashian posts photos of her body on instagram and she gets censored and hassled by other users/fans. The topic of censoring peoples¬† body image and appearance were all discussed in my last post. Kim Kardashian posted a nude photo of herself on… Continue reading Social Media Censoring

Solution to Censorship on Social Media

The past couple of weeks we have discussed in our online class all about censorship and the correlation between social media. So many people, celebrities, companies and brands find themselves in hot water due to the words or pictures they post on these social media channels that are considered extremely inappropriate or hate speech. I… Continue reading Solution to Censorship on Social Media

Kim Kardashian gets backlash for saying the R word

Throughout the past couple weeks we have discussed as a class the issues on offensive words, their meaning and then our personal views. I have learned these past couple weeks that certain words are found to be offensive to some but not to others. While some people may get greater consequences than others for saying… Continue reading Kim Kardashian gets backlash for saying the R word