Social Media’s Political Biases and Fake News

When I was talking politics with a friend of mine recently, he mentioned his one and only wish he had for this country to become: a united and all-around loving country. My response to him was that it would never happen, unfortunately. There’s too much in this country that is disagreed upon. The divide in… Continue reading Social Media’s Political Biases and Fake News

Body Censorship in the NBA

The NBA is a business that continues to grow successfully as entertainment across the world. Hundreds of millions of dollars are made just from sponsorships and license agreements every year for the league. Brand deals are taken seriously in the NBA. Shoe deals are very common with all of the athletes, and now the majority… Continue reading Body Censorship in the NBA

YouTube Censorship is a Work in Progress

Well over two billion social media accounts have been made and is estimated to reach three billion by 2021. Each main social media platform is just saturated with content both appropriate and inappropriate. These websites enact their own censorship policies and methods to surveil for inappropriate posts. YouTube is a prominent platform that has been… Continue reading YouTube Censorship is a Work in Progress

NBA Vet Uses Chinese Racial Slur in Video

For the eighth straight season, the NBA showed love for their Chinese fan base for their New Year’s celebration in February. The 15-game celebration just recently concluded last Sunday during the NBA All Star game in Charlotte. There has been a growing friendship between China and the NBA dating back to the Michael Jordan era… Continue reading NBA Vet Uses Chinese Racial Slur in Video