What is the Root of the Problem with Censorship?

Censorship has become a very sensitive topic to many people and it has come up in our daily conversations because of how many questions that it can raise. When it comes to the media, especially, content is censored in order to protect individuals from any harmful material. It is clearly an important factor of our… Continue reading What is the Root of the Problem with Censorship?


Censorship Final

I believe that there are many things that are censored now that should not be, but there are also things that are not censored and they should be. If I were in charge, and in a perfect world I think that the ideas of racism, misogyny, and homophobia should all be censored. I would also… Continue reading Censorship Final

Enough is enough

In recent years, body shaming has become more and more of an issue especially in the media. Women are subjected to look a certain way because of how the media portrays the 'perfect body.' With the media basically telling men and women how they should or should not look leads to people feeling like they… Continue reading Enough is enough

“The Disney Look”

Over the past two weeks in class we have been talking about someone or a group of people being censored because of how they look, act or any body modifications they may have. There were many different topics talked about throughout the discussion and I really enjoyed reading all of them! The topic I chose… Continue reading “The Disney Look”

False Body Image Advertising

Justin Bieber photoshopped I decided to expand on my discussion post about body image in the media and the false body image expectations embedded into the minds of young girls everywhere due to enhanced or manipulated advertisements. The average female fashion model wears a size two or four, while the average American woman wears a… Continue reading False Body Image Advertising

The Infamous Catsuit.

World famous tennis player Serena Williams is one of the many talented athletes that has faced some form of censorship for the wrong reasons, at least in my opinion. In the 2018 French Open Serena Williams decided that she was going to wear whar is known as the "catsuit" designed and created by Nike. If… Continue reading The Infamous Catsuit.

South Korean Tattoo Censorship Conclusion

For my Censorship Analysis #3 podcast, I continued and concluded my discussion on tattoo censorship in South Korea. I started off by reiterating who my focus was for my discussion, who was offended by the person of focus and how the person of focus responded to the censorship. I then went on to talk about… Continue reading South Korean Tattoo Censorship Conclusion