What is the Root of the Problem with Censorship?

Censorship has become a very sensitive topic to many people and it has come up in our daily conversations because of how many questions that it can raise. When it comes to the media, especially, content is censored in order to protect individuals from any harmful material. It is clearly an important factor of our… Continue reading What is the Root of the Problem with Censorship?

Censorship Final

I believe that there are many things that are censored now that should not be, but there are also things that are not censored and they should be. If I were in charge, and in a perfect world I think that the ideas of racism, misogyny, and homophobia should all be censored. I would also… Continue reading Censorship Final

Social Media Censoring

In my discussion Cycle 3 post I discussed how celebrities such as Kim Kardashian posts photos of her body on instagram and she gets censored and hassled by other users/fans. The topic of censoring peoples  body image and appearance were all discussed in my last post. Kim Kardashian posted a nude photo of herself on… Continue reading Social Media Censoring

Is Banning the Way to Go?

For my Censorship Analysis Podcast #2, I decided to talk about why I think individual social media sites banning/blocking content, and users is an ineffective way to censor social media in the grand scheme of things. So with that being said, I started off my podcast by giving a definition of Internet censorship and by talking… Continue reading Is Banning the Way to Go?

YouTube Censorship is a Work in Progress

Well over two billion social media accounts have been made and is estimated to reach three billion by 2021. Each main social media platform is just saturated with content both appropriate and inappropriate. These websites enact their own censorship policies and methods to surveil for inappropriate posts. YouTube is a prominent platform that has been… Continue reading YouTube Censorship is a Work in Progress

Did Kevin Hart do the Right Thing?

These past two weeks we have been talking about things in the media that should have been censored or not even posted at all. We have been having discussions with our fellow classmates about different situations and share our views on these topics. During our discussion cycle I chose to write about how Kevin Hart… Continue reading Did Kevin Hart do the Right Thing?

Facebook Controversy

Social media has become a part of daily life throughout the entire world due to advances in technology. Some of these platforms have begun to censor the posts of their users through different means such as banning their posts or even deleting/suspending their account. Each platform has their own rules and guidelines of what can… Continue reading Facebook Controversy

Finding a Balance Between a Safe Online Environment and Inhibiting Free Speech

There is a lot of controversy over the topic of speech regulation on social media. Everyone has their own opinion on whether social media sites are doing enough to keep offensive speech off of their sites. According to an article titled 'Regulating Free Speech on Social Media is Dangerous and Futile' written on Brookings, "79% of… Continue reading Finding a Balance Between a Safe Online Environment and Inhibiting Free Speech

Crafting social media policy is crucial

By now, almost every organization has adopted social media accounts into their plan for marketing and communications. Organizations have social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. These social media sites allows companies to engage with their clients directly, through instant messaging, comments, or likes and also allows them to advance their… Continue reading Crafting social media policy is crucial

Does Banning or Blocking Even Work?

With the huge growth in social media use amongst many different platforms from users of all different ages we now have to consider how to handle bans and blocking users more than ever before. Since most people now and days either have a smartphone, tablet or computer they most likely are on some type of… Continue reading Does Banning or Blocking Even Work?