Why we need to Censor our Social Media Posts

The last few weeks I have had the opportunity to examine different instances of censorship on social media and how certain offensive language can affect individuals, celebrities or companies. Instead of just looking at singular instances of censorship on social media it is important to also analyze proposed solutions to the problems we are so… Continue reading Why we need to Censor our Social Media Posts

Can A.I. be the solution to social media censorship?

With social media becoming a predominant part of human culture, the concept of censoring that media grows in tandem. Media powerhouses such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter are facing public pressure to control the content posted on their sites and protect users from hateful, offensive, or sensitive content; however, can these sites keep up?… Continue reading Can A.I. be the solution to social media censorship?

Bans, Blocks, and ShadowBans…

It's no secret that social media and the internet are more akin to something like the wild west instead of a prestigious classroom. With users saying whatever the hell want to whoever the hell they want. Posting inflammatory comments, pictures or any mixture they feel like sending out. Its a problem social media giants like… Continue reading Bans, Blocks, and ShadowBans…

Is A.I. the answer?

Source How should the internet and media be censored in America? That is a loaded question, because no matter what you believe there is always going to be a counter argument and point. Countries such as North Korea, Eritrea, and Saudi Arabia, who all rank in the top of media censored countries, have state control… Continue reading Is A.I. the answer?

The internet can be a scary place

The internet can be a great place, a place where every one can share their ideas and thoughts. While many times this can be wonderful for people to explore different views, sometimes this can become a problem. When people have a platform where they can say whatever they want, without their identity being revealed, this… Continue reading The internet can be a scary place

Are A.I. Bots Helping or Hurting the Social Media Community?

Technology is constantly changing in the world we live in today. Social Media Corporations have started to implement A.I. bots to scan content for them on a daily basis rather than a human. Although this seems very innovative and less time consuming, is this the best way to tackle offensive speech on social media platforms?… Continue reading Are A.I. Bots Helping or Hurting the Social Media Community?

Devin Nunes’ Cow Is Ruining Twitter

One of the main issues faced in the mediated world we live in today is censorship and what that means for free speech.  Social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook have created a place where users can posts their thoughts without much fear of being censored.  Twitter only will censor a user's content if… Continue reading Devin Nunes’ Cow Is Ruining Twitter

Algorithmic Censorship – the future of censorship?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming used more frequently in the world of business, but we definitely haven't seen the end of it, at this point in time - really it's just the beginning. AI is quickly starting to replace humans in the way that it can react to data faster and more efficiently than most… Continue reading Algorithmic Censorship – the future of censorship?

Kevin Hart and the Oscars

Photo by: Medium Corporation Social media can be used to express yourself to friends, family, the public, and even strangers. However, with being able to post whatever you would like and express yourself comes with some dangers. A social media post can resurface any time even if you deleted the post. These post can be… Continue reading Kevin Hart and the Oscars

Kim Kardashian gets backlash for saying the R word

Throughout the past couple weeks we have discussed as a class the issues on offensive words, their meaning and then our personal views. I have learned these past couple weeks that certain words are found to be offensive to some but not to others. While some people may get greater consequences than others for saying… Continue reading Kim Kardashian gets backlash for saying the R word