The Infamous Catsuit.

World famous tennis player Serena Williams is one of the many talented athletes that has faced some form of censorship for the wrong reasons, at least in my opinion. In the 2018 French Open Serena Williams decided that she was going to wear whar is known as the "catsuit" designed and created by Nike. If… Continue reading The Infamous Catsuit.

Was Jussie Smollett’s Attack Staged or was it real?

Jussie Smollett is a gay African-American Actor who is famous off of a show called "Empire" that plays on Fox. Last week  he reported that he was jumped by two individuals who yelled racial and homophobic slurs to him, ad even poured a liquid substance on him and fled the scene as he fought back.… Continue reading Was Jussie Smollett’s Attack Staged or was it real?