Censoring Children’s Media: Protecting the new generation from the big, bad Internet

Source: IT Security Guru Throughout the duration of the course we have analyzed and discussed varying forms of censorship in media, life, and politics. The majority of these arguments surrounded censoring celebrities’ controversial social media posts, censoring hate speech across public platforms, and even self censorship when it came to body modification or privately made… Continue reading Censoring Children’s Media: Protecting the new generation from the big, bad Internet

Hate Speech Censored

"Hate Speech is not free speech" -The Right Left Chronicles Over the last several weeks, I have had the opportunity to read many thoughts and ideas on different kinds of censorship in this course. I have learned about many topics regarding offensive words, censorship and social media, and sensuality. Censorship is a very controversial topic… Continue reading Hate Speech Censored

What Should be Censored…

Personally, I don't like the idea of censoring. It's a scary facit to think about once you start. An entity lurking behind the scenes, controlling what you can and cannot think, read, or know. Just the thought of that fills me with emotions. How dare they think they can control what I consume. How dare… Continue reading What Should be Censored…

What Should be Censored: South Park vs. Thirteen Reasons Why

Learning about all the different kinds of topics that should or should not be censored this semester has been very interesting and overwhelming. I have learned a lot and my opinions and ideas have evolved since the beginning of the semester till the end. While I spent some time realizing what I was most passionate… Continue reading What Should be Censored: South Park vs. Thirteen Reasons Why

Save it for after hours

If your job does not involve politics then I feel like there is no need to discussion politics in the workplace. Even if you are joking or having a private conversation with a close colleague, because you never know who is listening. If you would like to discuss politics with someone that is a talk… Continue reading Save it for after hours

Parents Censoring Children’s Social Media Accounts

Source: Current 360 Entering this course, I did not think I was affected by censorship and thought it was only in foreign countries like North Korea. But now after this course comes to and end, I have learned we are constantly surrounded and affected by censorship. Censorship is not just the removal of content from… Continue reading Parents Censoring Children’s Social Media Accounts

When is it too serious?

Throughout this semester there have been so many critical topics brought up having to do with censorship. In my opinion this is a very hard subject because everyone has different opinions on what is and isn’t offensive. I have tried to be very open when it comes to my views and accepting of all others… Continue reading When is it too serious?

Social Media’s Political Biases and Fake News

When I was talking politics with a friend of mine recently, he mentioned his one and only wish he had for this country to become: a united and all-around loving country. My response to him was that it would never happen, unfortunately. There’s too much in this country that is disagreed upon. The divide in… Continue reading Social Media’s Political Biases and Fake News

Censorship Final

I believe that there are many things that are censored now that should not be, but there are also things that are not censored and they should be. If I were in charge, and in a perfect world I think that the ideas of racism, misogyny, and homophobia should all be censored. I would also… Continue reading Censorship Final


There a lot of different things we both see and hear in the media. They are mentioned by famous A-list celebrities that are household names, by large companies, or even said by people we may not necessarily know or had heard of. Censorship is a dangerous topic, simply because everyone has different opinions and perspectives… Continue reading Analysis