Censoring Employees on Social Media

Social media gives people the ability to post whatever they want whenever they want. However, employers have started to check potential employee’s social media platforms before moving forward in the interview process. Employers have also put social media policies in place that warn their employees about thinking before they post content that could be detrimental… Continue reading Censoring Employees on Social Media

Instagram’s Censorship of Women’s Bodies

Women are constantly being censored on social media, specifically Instagram, for things they post. A lot of people argue that there is inequality between what men can post compared to what women can post. There is also controversy over celebrities being able to get away with posting more scandalous pictures without the platform deleting them.… Continue reading Instagram’s Censorship of Women’s Bodies

Fat Is Not A Violation

I became really passionate about a topic that I saw someone else post about on the discussion board. It was the censorship of fat people and their bodies. Our society is roughly 70% overweight, but we still only accept “perfect bodies” on social media. If someone that is overweight posts an image in a bikini… Continue reading Fat Is Not A Violation

Is Government Regulation Inevitable?

google Social media is a vast place where billions of people are able to share their own content, becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives with thousands of platforms available to use. Social media has shaped the way we receive information, and over the years it has evolved from people being consumers of information and… Continue reading Is Government Regulation Inevitable?

Why we need to Censor our Social Media Posts

The last few weeks I have had the opportunity to examine different instances of censorship on social media and how certain offensive language can affect individuals, celebrities or companies. Instead of just looking at singular instances of censorship on social media it is important to also analyze proposed solutions to the problems we are so… Continue reading Why we need to Censor our Social Media Posts

Think Before You Post

Censorship has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion in recent years. You really have to be careful of what you say or post online because anything that is found offensive to someone can be censored. I am most interested in learning more about censorship on social media. I have seen several instances of content… Continue reading Think Before You Post