Save it for after hours

If your job does not involve politics then I feel like there is no need to discussion politics in the workplace. Even if you are joking or having a private conversation with a close colleague, because you never know who is listening. If you would like to discuss politics with someone that is a talk… Continue reading Save it for after hours

Censoring Employees on Social Media

Social media gives people the ability to post whatever they want whenever they want. However, employers have started to check potential employee’s social media platforms before moving forward in the interview process. Employers have also put social media policies in place that warn their employees about thinking before they post content that could be detrimental… Continue reading Censoring Employees on Social Media

The tattoo taboo: exploring body modification censorship

In this podcast we explore the taboo surrounding body modification and the stigma behind them in the workforce. In the U.S. tattoos are still seen as unprofessional, even though 40% of millennials, those who are most looking to start their career paths, have multiple tattoos. Outside of our borders, countries like China are prohibiting actors… Continue reading The tattoo taboo: exploring body modification censorship

Are Tattoos and Piercings Acceptable in the Workplace?

Tattoos and piercings have had a long past of being banned or unwelcomed in the workplace. Employers want you to look the part for the job, and if tattoos or piercings aren’t their style, then you’ll most likely be asked to cover a tattoo up or take a piercing out. Although, in recent years some… Continue reading Are Tattoos and Piercings Acceptable in the Workplace?