Censoring Media Content That Is Harmful to Children

Before beginning this class I only had a vague idea of what censorship was. I used to believe that censorship was just the removal of media content from the public eye, but over the course of this class I have learned that it is so much more. Merriam-Webster defines censor as "to examine in order… Continue reading Censoring Media Content That Is Harmful to Children

Does Censorship Help Us?

(Techish Kenya) Throughout this course, we have learned a lot about censorship and how we are constantly surrounded by it. Censorship was never something that I thought much about, I just assumed that censorship was only happening in countries that did not have as much freedom as the United States. We have freedom of speech,… Continue reading Does Censorship Help Us?

YouTube Censorship is a Work in Progress

Well over two billion social media accounts have been made and is estimated to reach three billion by 2021. Each main social media platform is just saturated with content both appropriate and inappropriate. These websites enact their own censorship policies and methods to surveil for inappropriate posts. YouTube is a prominent platform that has been… Continue reading YouTube Censorship is a Work in Progress

Is Government Regulation Inevitable?

google Social media is a vast place where billions of people are able to share their own content, becoming an integral part of everyone’s lives with thousands of platforms available to use. Social media has shaped the way we receive information, and over the years it has evolved from people being consumers of information and… Continue reading Is Government Regulation Inevitable?

The internet can be a scary place

The internet can be a great place, a place where every one can share their ideas and thoughts. While many times this can be wonderful for people to explore different views, sometimes this can become a problem. When people have a platform where they can say whatever they want, without their identity being revealed, this… Continue reading The internet can be a scary place

Algorithmic Censorship – the future of censorship?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming used more frequently in the world of business, but we definitely haven't seen the end of it, at this point in time - really it's just the beginning. AI is quickly starting to replace humans in the way that it can react to data faster and more efficiently than most… Continue reading Algorithmic Censorship – the future of censorship?

How do you define it?

"The female of the dog or some other carnivorous mammals" that is how Merriam Webster defines the word bitch. Yet, in today' society you can find people using the word to describe a woman who is viewed as being a control freak, rude or if she is just not liked by someone. The term can be used… Continue reading How do you define it?

Pewdiepie and YouTube

YouTube is one of the largest platforms on the internet. Not only are hundreds of thousands of hours of content uploaded everyday, but its become one of the largest media and social culture hubs the world has ever seen. My generation has essentially grown up with YouTube, and its heavily reflected on my generations culture.… Continue reading Pewdiepie and YouTube

R-Word “Respect”

This podcast is about President Trump and the incident where he mocked reporter Serge Kovaleski at an election rally back in 2015.  The feud started after Kovaleski made statements regarding the credibility about what Trump said he saw after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Instead of defending his previous statements, Trump took shots at Kovaleski's physical… Continue reading R-Word “Respect”

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

The phrase "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" was something that was introduced to me when I first joined Facebook back in 2011..funny enough it was actually the caption to my first profile picture. I didn't really think too much into what it meant, to my 11-year-old brain I just thought it… Continue reading See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil