It’s Time to Make a Change!

  Over the course of this semester our class has been in discussions about some very interesting topics surrounding things that have been censored in our everyday lives andthings that have been censored in the media whether a celebrity said it or it was an ordinary person that went viral. Seeing all these topics really helped… Continue reading It’s Time to Make a Change!

Parents Censoring Children’s Social Media Accounts

Source: Current 360 Entering this course, I did not think I was affected by censorship and thought it was only in foreign countries like North Korea. But now after this course comes to and end, I have learned we are constantly surrounded and affected by censorship. Censorship is not just the removal of content from… Continue reading Parents Censoring Children’s Social Media Accounts

What is the Root of the Problem with Censorship?

Censorship has become a very sensitive topic to many people and it has come up in our daily conversations because of how many questions that it can raise. When it comes to the media, especially, content is censored in order to protect individuals from any harmful material. It is clearly an important factor of our… Continue reading What is the Root of the Problem with Censorship?

Instagram’s Censorship of Women’s Bodies

Women are constantly being censored on social media, specifically Instagram, for things they post. A lot of people argue that there is inequality between what men can post compared to what women can post. There is also controversy over celebrities being able to get away with posting more scandalous pictures without the platform deleting them.… Continue reading Instagram’s Censorship of Women’s Bodies

The Infamous Catsuit.

World famous tennis player Serena Williams is one of the many talented athletes that has faced some form of censorship for the wrong reasons, at least in my opinion. In the 2018 French Open Serena Williams decided that she was going to wear whar is known as the "catsuit" designed and created by Nike. If… Continue reading The Infamous Catsuit.