Hate Speech Censored

"Hate Speech is not free speech" -The Right Left Chronicles Over the last several weeks, I have had the opportunity to read many thoughts and ideas on different kinds of censorship in this course. I have learned about many topics regarding offensive words, censorship and social media, and sensuality. Censorship is a very controversial topic… Continue reading Hate Speech Censored

Censorship Online

We have learned about and discussed many cases of censorship over the course of the semester. Censorship can be a difficult topic to discuss because everyone has different opinions on what should or should not be censored. However, I feel like a majority of the class agreed on things that should be censored. There was… Continue reading Censorship Online

Algorithmic Censorship – the future of censorship?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming used more frequently in the world of business, but we definitely haven't seen the end of it, at this point in time - really it's just the beginning. AI is quickly starting to replace humans in the way that it can react to data faster and more efficiently than most… Continue reading Algorithmic Censorship – the future of censorship?

Social media’s fight in the battle between hate speech and free speech

The concept of censorship is not a new one- governments, large companies, religious organizations, and public schools have monitored and censored the thoughts, words, and actions of their participants for as long as modern society has existed. With the development of the Internet- and shortly after, social media, we as a society have made tremendous… Continue reading Social media’s fight in the battle between hate speech and free speech